Monday, December 3, 2012

New Features and Zine

The show at In Toto was a great success. Have a look at 10and5's feature for more images and info: link

I'm also proud to announce a unique collaboration with Richard James Myburgh, a zine titled "We're Never Coming Home", which is the first project completed under the collaboration studio Glitter Beard.

For ‘We’re never coming home’, my illustrations have been reworked and appropriated into a new narrative by Richard then hand-stitched into a zine-like format. A small edition of only a 100 hand crafted books will be available from 8 November. Each of these are individually numbered, gold foiled and signed by the collaborators. 

The zines are selling quickly! If you would like to order a one, email Richard at

Click here for our feature on 10and5 and here for our feature on Lost at E minor.